Toe Clip Advantage

We highly recommend toe clips when riding with our road pedals.
Toe clips help a bike rider’s efficacy and stability in several ways.
1. Help properly position a foot: When riding a bike, the ball of your foot (the front of metatarsal bones) should be directly over the spindle (or axle) of the pedal. This will maximize your stability and promote the natural rolling of your foot as you rotate the pedal of the bicycle. Once properly installed a toe clip will help you quickly line up your foot and keep it in position. As an added bonus, the toe clip can also prevents slipping off of the pedals by catching the front of your shoe after loosing traction.
2. Enables upstroke when combined toe clip and straps: improves your pedaling efficacy by allowing you to pull the pedals up, in addition to pushing them down.
3. Expands the power stroke when compared to riding un-clipped by expanding the contact surface area.