Ezy、EzySuperior pedals


Ezy/ EzySuperior pedals are eazy to attach and detach from crank without specific tool.
Best suitable for Rinko riding and folding bikes.

There are two types of MKS detachable pedals, Ezy and EzySuperior, those are differentiated by the way of attaching.

Ezy to change into various pedals up to your purpose as long as they are in the same type, e.g. TOURING-LITE for daily urban ride and US-L for long range touring at weekend.

No compatibility between EzySuperior and Ezy.

※Ezy/EzySuperior pedals require thin spanner(width: 15mm, thickness: 3.2mm) to install the adapter.We recommend MKS PEDAL SPANNER designed for Ezy/EzySuperior adapter.

Instruction for Ezy pedals

Attachable and detachable when sliding the sleeve toward crankarm and holding the sleeve at the position.
The stopper must be fitted. Without the stopper, the adapter would be broken, or the pedal may fall off and will result in serious injury.

Instruction for EzySuperior pedals

Twist the sleeve till the white mark meets the stopper pin, then slide the cap toward crankarm and hold the sleeve at that position.
Insert or pull off the spindle, then release your fingers. The cap will automatically return so the Ezy stopper is not required.

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