To: MKS Toe Clip users including track racing athletes.

To use Toe Clips properly.
Thank you for choosing MKS products.
This is a guidance to use your Toe Clips appropriately.
Recently we heard few clip-breakage issues caused by a wrong installation or an excessive modification.
An improper adjustment or modification may result dangerous situation, sometimes with a serious injury.
So please read the followings well and confirm your clips’ condition.


●Do not use deformed clips. These may become bent, cracked or fractured, and may lose their intended function.

●We strongly recommend not to use the clip after hard impact caused by crash or toppling even it looks no harm.
Invisible micro cracks may lead to metal fatigue and may
cause sudden breakage.

●Attach genuine TOE CLIP SPACER(JANCODE 4560369009244)if you need to adjust the distance between your toe & step plate.
Substitutive spacers such as a nut or a washer can not provide stable fitting and could be cause of breakage.



With an appropriate installation and usage, we all hope your safety and comfortable bicycling.