MM-Cube Ezy Reproduction

We still have been receiving inquiries about the MM-Cube Ezy pedal which was sold from 2008 to 2015. Since so, we'd like to inform you that we decided to reproduce the item for limited amount. We have already begun to ship the product.

Product name: MM-Cube Ezy

Color: Silver
Weght: 415g / pair
Body: aluminum
Size:W47 L60
Bearings: sealed and bushing bearings
Step area: double sided clipless
Toe clip: not attachable
Reflector: not attachable

Accessory: original cleats
No compatibillity between any cleats

Shoe type: 2-hole design, SPD shoe
Please note that the spindle variation is Ezy: detachable type only.
There is no standard spindle version.


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